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Case Results

The following represent merely a representative sampling of some criminal and other case outcomes Mr. Sikes has obtained. Understand that Mr. Sikes has literally handled thousands of cases — from simple drug use/possession cases to attempted murder. Note, however, that no attorney can ethically promise (or guarantee) you a particular outcome in any case.

Vilseck, Germany – SGT (E-5) – Conspiracy to commit premeditated murder charge withdrawn by the Government following aggressive pretrial advocacy. Command elected to pursue Soldier at an Article 15 for a lesser offense, and Soldier spared exposure to maximum punishment at court-martial of life without parole.

Fort Benning, GA – CPT/O-3 (Chaplain) – National media case in which Army Chaplain was initially alleged to have engaged in espionage, sedition, aiding and abetting the enemy. Charged with Adultery and Mishandling of Classified Information. ALL charges withdrawn by the Government before trial.

Fort Gordon, GA – SSG/E-6 – Aggressive pretrial work convinced command to accept an administrative separation of Drill Sergeant in lieu of charges (and likely conviction) for indecent assault, indecent acts & fraternization with traineees.

Columbus, GA – SPC/E-4 – Allegations of Rape, Forcible Sodomy and False Imprisonment. Early and proactive work resulted in a No Bill (dismissal of charges) before Muscogee County Grand Jury.

Columbus, GA – SSG/E-6 – Charged with Battery (Domestic Violence). Early and aggressive intervention led to pretrial diversion plan and dismissal of all charges.

Fort Stewart, GA – SPC/E-4 – Soldier charged with AWOL with the intent to avoid hazardous duty. Unauthorized absence for four months. Developed significant civilian history of mental health treatment and convinced the command to grant a Chp. 10, Discharge in Lieu of Court-Martial.

Yongsan Garrison (Seoul), South Korea – SSG/E-6 – Despite significant evidence to support charges of larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, and 11 specifciations of false official statements, convinced the Military Panel to retain the Soldier in service and impose extra duty in lieu of confinement. Prosecutor argued for 2 years confinement and bad conduct discharge. Click on links to view the coverage.

Fort Benning, GA – GS-13 – Civil service employee charged with assault and false imprisonment of subordinate allowed to avoid litgation and possible conviction via Pretrial Diversion Program.

Columbus, GA – SSG/E-6 – Off-post kidnapping and assault charges dismissed prior to indictment.

Columbus, GA – Expungment of domestic violence criminal conviction for E-6(P). Soldier’s career saved from mandatory separation due to Lautenberg Amendment.

Fort Benning, GA – DUIs – Successfully negotiated pleas on behalf of numerous Soldiers charged with on-post and off-post DUIs to lesser offense of Reckless Driving.

Fort Benning, GA – MAJ/O-4 Physician – Convinced hospital Credentials Committee to change its previous decision to pursue adverse privileging. Committee reinstated provider’s clinical privileges with no stipulations at board hearing.

Columbus, GA – SSG/E-6 – Off-post domestic assault charges dismissed via Pretrial Diversion Program.

Fort Stewart, GA – SGT/E-5 assigned to Hunter Army Airfield acquitted of rape charge.

Fort Stewart, GA – Total acquittal of E-5 charged with rape and forcible sodomy.

Fort Rucker, AL – WO1 – Officer facing Life without Parole limited to single digit sentence cap by negotiated pretrial agreement.

Fort Stewart, GA – LTC/O-5, USAR – Successfully negotiated an alternative disposition which precluded court-martial charges for larceny of government funds.

Fort Stewart, GA – MAJ/O-4 (Chaplain), USAR – Withdrawal of all charges alleging AWOL and False Official Statements.

Fort Stewart, GA – MAJ/O-4 (Division Staff) – Convinced the Convening Authority to withdraw all charges pertaining to alleged rape and forcible sodomy.

Fort Stewart, GA – SPC/E-4 retained in the Army despite plea of guilty to attempted malingering to avoid hazardous duty (SM shot himself in the leg while serving in Iraq).

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait – SSG/E-6 facing 32 years in confinement for possession and transport of child pornography in the Combat Theater received six (6) months in confinement and no discharge despite the Government’s argument for three years and a Dishonorable Discharge.

Hinesville, GA – SPC/E-4 – Fort Stewart (3d ID) – SM facing 6 counts of aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, terroristic threats, and obstruction of an officer. Convinced Superior Court judge to apply First Offender statute. Total sentence to confinement was 4 years less time served. State’s best offer was 8 years to serve.

Auburn, AL – ROTC Cadet – Disenrolled ROTC Cadet allowed to continue degree program after petitioning the Secretary of the Air Force. Secondary appeal to AFOATS Commander spared client mandatory two-year enlisted service. Convinced the Air Force to simply allow our client to repay his three semesters of scholarship benefits.