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Columbus GA military divorce lawyer Scot Sikes handles military related family law issues. He is experienced in dealing with legal issues that arise during military service. Mr. Sikes has spent his entire legal career both serving military servicemembers and serving his country.

From his law office in Columbus Georgia – Fort Benning Georgia, he has handled hundreds of military related divorces, GA criminal cases involving service members and their dependents and a variety of other family law issues such as custody issues, child support, adoptions, service of process, and annulments.

Columbus GA Military Divorce Lawyers

When you are filing for a dissolution of marriage in the state of Georgia you have probably gone through a lot before you reached that decision, but you then have many other matters to address. The terms of the divorce have to be discussed and ultimately agreed upon or decided by the court. The equitable division of shared assets and debt needs to be discussed, and there are also matters involving the children such as custody, visitation, and child support that must be worked out. Indeed, a divorce proceeding can be challenging for anyone, but members of the military face even more challenges when they decide to get a divorce.

For one thing, residency can be hard to establish for members of our armed forces because they are transferred frequently and even deployed into war zones while their spouses remain home. Even here in the states, a person who is in the service may be stationed in one place, and his or her spouse and children may be living in another state. These residency issues are not always insurmountable, but they can add a layer of complexity to the matter that civilians do not face.

Things like child custody and visitation can also become very complicated for members of the military, and sometimes there are no easy answers. Here is a hypothetical scenario to consider: A man who is a civilian is married to a woman who is in the armed forces, and they get divorced. The woman is stationed domestically, and she has custody of the children. She gets the word that she is going to be deployed overseas and she can’t take the children. She voluntarily leaves the children with her ex-husband. When she returns a couple of years later, who should have custody?

Matters such as these make military divorces more complex, so people who are serving in the armed forces should do their homework and consider all of the details very carefully before filing for divorce in Georgia.

If you have questions of concerns about military divorce and related family issues involving the military, contact a Columbus GA family lawyer who has a background helping military families.