Weapon – Gun Crimes in Georgia

Our Columbus gun crime lawyers handle the following Georgia firearm offenses:

Possession of a firearm by a felon
Trafficking Guns
Attempted murder
Gun control violations
Possession Of Explosive Materials
Former Convict In Possession of a Firearm
Illegal Modifications
Gun manufacturing
Firearm assault
Unlawful sale

 Managing The Ins And Outs Of Georgia’s Firearms Offensescolumbusgalawyerscolumbusgalawyers380

Firearms are a tricky thing. While they can be an incredibly useful tool for hunting, for sports and recreation and for home defense, they also hold a unique position in the public consciousness. They can be dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands, and they can be incredibly destructive when used (or misused) improperly. In terms of the law, the commission of a gun related crime is most often a grievous offense.

In most states, including Georgia, using a firearm in the course of a crime can make an offense that would normally be a misdemeanor into a felony. It can also add years to the criminal sentence that an offender gets if found guilty of the crime. Here is a guide to the various types of firearms offenses under Georgia law.

Former Convict In Possession of a Firearm

It is illegal for a person convicted of a felony to purchase, own or possess a firearm in the state of Georgia. Even if you do not do so in the commission of a crime, possessing or using a firearm can lead to your arrest and a felony charge of illegal possession of a firearm. Contrary to popular misconception, an offender’s original conviction does not have to be related to firearms to have the right to own a firearm rescinded. Any convicted felon is ineligible to purchase or possess a gun.

Trafficking Guns

Though this is most often the purview of federal jurisdiction, an offender trafficking firearms into or out of the state of Georgia can be charged with a felony under Georgia jurisdiction.

Illegal Modifications

Any illegal modification to a firearm can be grounds for a felony charge, and is most often at least punished by confiscation of the illegal weapon and a substantial fine.

Assault With A Firearm

Any assault crime made with the use of a gun will most likely get an offender a felony charge of firearm assault. Whereas many types of simple assault cases result only in misdemeanor charges, just through using a gun it makes that type of assault an automatic felony.

Murder And Attempted Murder

As in most states, in Georgia there are special conditions for the use of a firearm in the commission of a murder or an attempted murder. Usually, when an offender is found guilty of the crime, the fact that a gun was used will result in up to 15 years added to the offender’s prison sentence. What would normally have been a 15 year sentence can be up to 30 years, depending on the ruling of the court.

Possession Of Explosive Materials

In some cases, it is legal to possess explosive materials, but in most cases, you need a license, a permit, and a really good reason. Certain types of explosives can be used for construction or landscaping, but both federal and state authorities need to keep a close watch on those activities. Homemade explosives are almost always illegal, and the state of Georgia considers this a felony.

If you are charged with a gun crime in Georgia, then contact a seasoned Columbus GA firearm defense lawyer.