DUI Rules in Georgia


It is a criminal offense to drive a vehicle under influence of alcohol or drugs that can impair ability to do so. DUI is driving under influence of alcohol, DWI is driving while intoxicated, OUI is operating under the influence, and OMVI is operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. All these offenses can be generally termed as DUI and are criminal charges.

There are two types of DUI cases in Georgia:

Less Safe

Per Se (unlawful level violations)

Drivers who get caught for a less safe DUI must show physical manifestation of alcohol like, slurred speech, glassy eyes, strong odor of alcohol or drugs etc. In a per se DUI case driver has to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) higher that permissible limits and any other contraband drug in his system.

In Georgia, the BAC permissible for driving a vehicle is 0.08 %.But drivers with lesser concentration of BAC but with no control over driving can be easily arrested for DUI. In Georgia, those under 21 are not allowed to drink and drive. Thus underage drinking is discouraged and those below 21 with a BAC of 0.02% can be charged with underage drunk driving.

The DUI charge remains in your driving record permanently. A person who is convicted for DUI and pleads guilty has to bear with this criminal record throughout his life. The conception that the DUI record would be dropped off from the driving record in five years is wrong. One can never get rid of it and moreover, if you have been convicted for DUI, the guilty plea is reported to Georgia Department of Public Safety as also the National Driver’s License Registry.

Apart from alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, over the counter medicines (antihistamines, pain killers) etc can all cause impairment of judgment and inability to drive properly and if caught by the police, these crimes are also charged under DUI in Georgia. The driver should have only permissible levels of the drug in his system.

DUI charges are very serious and offender has to face quite a music in form of penalties. A fine, imprisonment, community service, risk reduction programs, probation, suspension of driver’s license etc are the most common penalties for a DUI charge. The very first offense of DUI committed by a person is considered to be a misdemeanor, while subsequent offenses are considered to high risk misdemeanors and hence the penalties are harsher and sentences longer. Drivers who are above 21 years of age and have more than 3 DUI convictions within a period of 5 years are habitual violators and have to face revoking of their driver’s license for five years.

An experienced and competent DUI attorney would be able to provide legal representation and try to reduce the penalties by preparing a good case in your behalf.

If you are suspected of or charged with a DUI, then call a skilled Columbus GA DUI defense lawyer immediately.