Expungement and Pardon of a Criminal Record


People who have a criminal record would want to get rid of this blot from their history and expunging is the only method to do so.

There can be many reasons for trying for an expunging like:

Reinstate right to vote since many states suspend voting rights for people who have been convicted fro criminal charges.

Get back their rights to own a firearm in order to go hunting.

Sometimes expungement is mandatory to get a job.

Getting an expungement is not an easy process. Chances of successful completion of expungement process increases with demonstration of a greater need or requirement. Along with requirement, proof of complete rehabilitation should also be provided.  Once a criminal record is expunged, personal records would be as if the criminal record never existed.

Expungements are also subjected to certain limitations like expungement of criminal record would not be able to delete entries in registries for people convicted of sex offenses and child abuse. In many instances before employing someone, background checks are conducted by employers and they are liable to find out about the expunged criminal record and hence it would be better to submit to the same while applying for the job itself.

Expungement is regulated by state laws and hence there are different policies that are levied on those seeking expungement. All states do not allow expungement, while others have limitations like not allowing expungement for people with more than one conviction and still others do not law down any restrictions. All expungement processes make it mandatory for people applying to have been discharged from sentence for a considerable time with no more legal incidents which have been recorded.

Expungement is one method to get rid of your criminal records, the other is getting pardoned. Most states have provisions to appeal for pardons. Expungement is issued by court which convicted the person while pardons are executive actions which can lift the stigma attached to a conviction. There is a third option too that can be considered and tried out. This is called sealing of a criminal record and happens in case of juvenile records. Not all juvenile records are eligible for this treatment, the juvenile must have a good personal record in his adult hood to beget a sealing of his criminal record.

It is always better to try for an expungement if your state laws allow it, but in cases where state laws do not allow or have restrictions regarding expungements, then pardon can be tried for. Some states allow pardons very easily and this can be taken advantage of. Evidence of rehabilitation is very important while trying for an expungement or a pardon. A skilled Columbus criminal lawyer would be ideal person to provide advice regarding the path to be taken to do away with your criminal records.