Felony Conviction and Employment


If you have ever been convicted of a felony, the criminal record and conviction record remains on your personal history for the rest of your life. Thus a felony conviction has far reaching consequences. The problem is that your personal history is provided to all potential employers and creditors on demand. Thus such a tainted record can result in loss of many employment opportunities.

Large corporations and multinational companies prefer not to employ people who have convictions in their records. Thus it makes it very difficult for convicted people to get a job once they finish their sentences. Your first job is to start rebuilding your credibility which can be done by accepting all and any kind of job that is offered to you. Just make sure that the job offered is lawful and you can even consult your attorney to help you through this period. You are a citizen and you have certain rights, even if you have been convicted, thus your attorney would be able to ensure that your rights are not violated based on your felony conviction.

Be honest and state your conviction in the job application so that it employer gets to know about it from you. If you decide to hide it or omit it, there are chances that you prospective employer discovers it and fires you for having withheld important information. You need to be honest about your past since it would build credibility. Lying to get a job can prove disastrous. If you are employed you might forfeit your employment benefits when you get fired, and become ineligible for unemployment benefits. Employers always conduct background checks and convictions always show up, hence lying would get you nowhere.

Being convicted for a felony affects the profession you want to choose. Professions that require a license for practice are not usually allowed fro convicts. Even if a convict had a license prior to his conviction, this is revoked once he has been convicted. Thus, practice of medicine, law, teaching etc is not usually allowed for convicted felons. Apart from this, if you are registered as a sex offender, there are many careers where you will not be entertained at any cost.

If your conviction comes when you are in an employment, immediately inform your employer especially if you work with children or education. Though revealing conviction information is not necessary unless asked for, it would be better to consult your attorney regarding disclosure of information. An experienced attorney would be able to provide valuable advice regarding informing employer and protection of your rights. Anyways, in many instances it is better to inform rather than they find out themselves. Hire an experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney for sound advice regarding all matters related to conviction and employment.

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