Hiring the Best GA Criminal Lawyer for Your Case


If you are charged with a crime which falls under the criminal law, a criminal defense attorney is mandatory irrespective of whether you are guilty or not. While deciding on a criminal defense attorney many factors have to be taken into consideration such as reputation of lawyer, location of his office, and type of criminal offense charged etc.

Criminal defense attorneys can be approached for offenses like, assault and battery, bench warrants, kidnapping, violations of parole, murder and manslaughter, hit and run accidents etc. Crimes against children and domestic violence cases are also handled by criminal defense attorneys. You need legal representation for preliminary and motion hearing. Your rights have to be protected and a criminal defense attorney does just that. If you are arrested for a crime, remain silent until your lawyer arrives and even then answer only those questions that your attorney approves of.

Be it murder, kidnapping, etc, which are all serious crimes, always exercise your right to remain silent until your legal counsel arrives. In DUI cases, a criminal – DUI defense attorney can negotiate terms like jail sentence, fine amount and even period of suspension of driver’s license. Without a lawyer to represent you legally, you will have no defense during litigations and might end up with maximum possible penalties. Those with bench warrants are better off consulting attorney prior to surrendering to the police. Criminal defense attorneys would post bail for you and even find out the evidence against you so that a case can be prepared.

Even if you guilty, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. An attorney would be able to defend you aggressively and thereby be able to reduce your penalties and sentences. In order for you to be punished, your offense has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Many a time, you might be charged with a more serious charge that what is required and a criminal defense attorney would be able to work in tandem with prosecutor to reduce the charges and this can result in reduced jail time.

Many a time if defense attorney is able to come to an agreement with prosecutor, there is no need for bench or jury trial. Everything can be settled between them. Your defense attorney would try to prove your innocence. Under normal circumstances, in the preliminary hearing attorney would plead you not guilty, and then next date for trial would be announced and in this period your attorney would prepare your case.

He can use investigators and even get information from prosecutor’s office so that all facts and findings are out in the open to be interpreted. Thus those who have been charge with a crime are better off with an experienced and reputed criminal defense attorney representing them in court and looking into other related legal matters.

If you are suspected of or charged with violating a GA law, then contact the best Columbus GA defense lawyer.