Sexual Harassment


When an employer subjects his employee to lewd remarks or unwelcome physical sexual behavior like asking for sexual favors, inappropriate touching etc, or other types of behavior which is directed mostly towards women, it can be called as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a criminal charge and those charged with it have to pay heavy penalties apart from the social stigma.

Sexual harassment cases are on the increase, with women being subjected to talks and jokes sexual in nature.

Most companies have special rules and regulations that govern these issues when they are brought to attention. The odds of being charged with sexual harassment is very grave, you can lose your job as well as not be able to get a new one. Employers have been made to pull up their socks with regard to sexual harassment in work place and court have made them more liable due to which many new kinds of restrictions are being imposed on the employees.

Typical sexual harassment incidences include:

Verbal sexual abuse.

Derogatory comments.

Sexual exploit anecdotes.


Inappropriate touching.

Asking for sexual favors in return for promotions etc.

Display of derogatory posters and art.

Inappropriate advances.

For these actions to be considered as sexual harassment, they must by unwelcome and offensive to victim. If you are accused of sexual harassment, you need to act as soon as possible. Select one of the best sexual harassment lawyers possible. Make the selection based on referrals and testimonials. Hire an experienced and competent attorney who can represent you aggressively in court. There can be hidden consequences if you are convicted and you might have to bear major repercussions.

The greatest effect of such a conviction would be on getting employment. Most state agencies and federal law performs a back ground check and you can even be disqualified on the basis of your conviction for sexual harassment.

Most employment areas where disqualification is prevalent include:

Health care.

Care of children, elders and the differently abled.


Financial institutions.


Moreover an earlier conviction can affect all future criminal charge. Hence it is best to avoid being convicted in a sexual harassment case. Sexual harassment attorneys would need all your details inclusive of all telephone numbers and all other information with regard to your work place as well as your home. You might have to pay a retainer upfront if you are hiring a good attorney but it would be worth the money.

Sexual assaults also include unwanted sexual contact but are different from sexual harassment in that the penalties imposed are lighter in harassment cases. Mostly sexual harassment cases result in tainting of public image more than anything else. It is always better to be decent in behavior with the opposite sex at the work place to save yourself all sorts of trouble.