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Adoptions: Locating Birth Parent or Child

One comes across cases very often, where birth parents or adopted children want to find their off springs and genetic parents. Though the situation is charged with emotion, the legal hurdles that you would have to surpass in order to gain any kind of information is a Herculean task. An adoption attorney and his advice would be the most valuable in situations such as this.

Previously access to adoption details was not a difficult one. Not any more. The regulations enacted by the states sanction privacy of a high order to parents and children involved in adoptions processes. These laws have made it very difficult to locate genetic parents and children who have been adopted.

You Want To Find Out

If you have been part of an adoption process and now want to locate your genetic family, the first step is to approach an adoption attorney. If your situation is genuine and if attorney feels that you have a chance of finding your birth family, then go ahead and hire him. You will need his valuable advice and expertise with legal documents every step of the way taken towards your goal of locating your parents.

Collect all information about adoptive parents, courts and adoption agency. Birth certificates, court records, non identifying information, adoption agency records etc are important documents that can provide vital clues as to your birth parents. The lawyer who handled the adoption is the right person to provide non-identifying about genetic parents. If you are above 18 years of age, getting this information might not be very difficult, unless there is some specific state regulation against this. Some states make this information available to adult birth children and birth parents. Non identifying information include date and place of birth of child, reason for child being put up for adoption, health related information of parents, physical appearance of parents, their ethnicity, religion, educational information etc.

Information for Identification

Personal details are included under identifying information like, address, names, names of children adopted etc. This information is exclusive and there are state enforced regulations governing its release. The person whose information is being sought should approve for this information to be handed over to those in search of it at the time of adoption. In the event where consent was in denial, the adopted child or birth parents in search of their child have to file a petition in court for release of the same.

The success of such a petition depends on your attorney, your reasons for request and state laws. Sometimes a confidential intermediary is appointed in order to get approval from the people sought after. A skilled adoption lawyer can be of help in unraveling the legal mystery your roots are surrounded with.