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An Insight into Child Custody Evaluations

Child custody evaluations are very important where custody of your child is concerned. Your expert evaluator can change the course of custody dispute; hence ensure that you do your homework prior to hiring your expert.

An impartial and professional custody evaluation becomes mandatory in cases where the court has to make custody decision. Unlike in very clear cases, custody determination is very tricky. The responsibility to make the right decision is very high since the life of a child depends on it. The family court decides all children issues related to divorce and otherwise, with the best interests of child as the supreme factor of consideration. Thus custody determination becomes even more difficult.

The divorcing parents are allowed to bring in experts to testify for them and tell the court about how good parents they are and why they should be awarded custody. If the experts sound artificial and are unable to convince the court, judge appoints an expert or else, the matter is referred to probation department.

Where you have let the court decide custody for you, it would be better to hire some experts, lest judge believes your spouse’s expert. Pick a very credible expert, preferably known to the court and the best available professional with the help of your child custody attorney. The expert should be able to persuade the judge so that judge considers you as a deserving parent.

If custody evaluation has been referred to court appointed expert or probation department, the process might be slowed down a bit, but there would certainly be no lack of professional insight in the case. The probation department are adept at preparing a neutral evaluation of custody.

Evaluator would meet up with your children and it would be in your best interests to arrange the visits when they are with you. Your family law attorney would be able to help you with these arrangements. In a divorce, children require being able to safeguard their security and stability which they have experienced in the marriage and the court would try its level best to ensure that they continue to enjoy the very same sense of security and stability as much as possible.

Your relationship with your children prior to the divorce and after filing for it goes a long way in helping evaluators understand your relationship with your child and this is important since their evaluation report is the basis on which custody would be determined. Hence go all out to ensure that your children are happy with you. Do not restrict them visiting your spouse since this could affect them adversely.

Divorce has to evolve for people involved to come to terms with it. Children too would require their time to understand.