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Working towards Joint Custody

Two parents who can put aside their disputes for the sake of their children are rare, but this is the first and foremost requirement for getting joint custody. The effort and commitment required for joint custody is much more than any other kind but parents who want to be involved in the life of their children every step of the way, have to take pains to ensure the same and it certainly would be worth while.

Come to terms with your separation and be lenient but firm while discussing issues. Your child would be happier if he gets attention from both his parents. Thus you are no more the focus here, your child is. Loosen up and frankly discuss your problems and life style changes that you are willing to make with your divorce lawyer and your spouse.

You too want to spend as much time as possible with your child, and let your parenting plan reflect that. Your divorce lawyer would guide you through the process of getting a custody plan ready in agreement with your spouse’s interests satisfied as well.

Do not compartmentalize your time for only weekends, or evenings, try planning for half a week or so, so that your child too does not feel the separation much. Share time equally between both parents. Joint custody gives both parents equal rights and responsibilities with regard to children. The parents must be able to work together as well as be flexible with their views and requirements. More cooperation might be required in joint custody than while in the marriage. Schedule and discipline conflicts should be avoided; parents should be willing to help each other with the schedules and parenting concerns, dating, school, bands, sports, medical care etc should be decided together giving child’s interest and welfare prime importance.

Joint custody has to be beneficial for the child and this has to be proved in court so that you are granted joint custody. The family court is very particular that the child in a divorce is not subjected to any kind of unfairness and hence factual records of time spent with each parent and activities indulged in has to be submitted in court so that joint custody can be granted. The court is concerned with the best interest of the child and hence you need to take special care to ensure that your child’s nest interests are served for winning joint custody.

Factors that can help:

• Room for child with all toys, clothes, etc.
• Residence in same school district.
• Parents living close so that child can visit same friends.
• Divorced parents should be in good terms.

Your child deserves the best, so take the effort.