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GA Child Support Enforcement Agencies

All child support enforcement agencies have many functions with regard to child support, medical support, and paternity. Spousal support is also enforced in conjunction with child support. The child support enforcement agencies can also be contacted for services like location of missing parents, assets, modification of existing child support orders, respond to as well as initiate interstate cases, and enforcement of state, federal support laws and procedures.

Any parent can initiate a child support case. Thus a non custodial parent also retains right to demand modifications of child support orders. In order for protection of rights as well as support provided, it would be in best interests for non custodial parents to have their account handled by CSE agencies. This ensures correct credit of payments made as well as discourages frequent child support modification requests.

The child support enforcement agencies do not usually handle visitation issues, custody issues, cases of harassment, child abduction, property disputes etc. Such issues have to be dealt with by parents and their child support attorneys. Crimes committed should be reported to the police.
Interstate Cases

In cases where parents live in different states there are major issues to be resolved. Such cases come under the regulation of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). The court orders would be binding on both custodial and non custodial parent and would follow them to their new state of residence. If the UIFSA application if filled and send, the receiving state is responsible for enforcing child support orders.

UIFSA becomes mandatory for convenience in cases where there are no set court orders and the non custodial parent is uncooperative as well as deceiving in matters of assets. If an UIFSA is filled in, the receiving state will locate the non custodial parent and the hidden assets, establish paternity of child, determine a child support amount based on state regulated calculations, issue notice and follow it up with enforcement.

There can be differences in accounting from one state to another and this can cause confusion. Hence it would be better for non custodial parents to keep clear and accurate records of their payments. These can come in use if at all there are discrepancies in accounting in the other state.

Child support enforcement can be extended to international cases too. The local CSE agency has to be contacted so that it can determine if the resident country of non custodial parent has reciprocity.

On emancipation of child, child support ceases. In most states the date of emancipation is when the child turns 18 years of age and has graduated from high school. Special clauses in the child support orders can allow child support to continue until child graduates from college. Thus be abreast with all clauses in your child support order.