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Visitation in Georgia

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In Georgia, how is visitation defined?

Visitation is when you are entitled to have specified and periodic child custody according to the custody agreement issued by the court when you got divorced. Visitation does not affect legal custody, and if you were awarded legal custody by the court, the other parent of the child does not have the right to change any long-term decisions you’ve made for your child.

What is supervised visitation?

If a parent has abused any children, the court will allow the abusive parent to have contact with their child, but only in the presence of a relative or trusted friend. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the child and to prevent any further abuse.

I’m a grandparent. Can I get visitation rights for my grandchildren?

Visitation rights have been granted to grandparents and step-grandparents in the state of Georgia. In some cases, the judge awarded visitation rights where the parents were never married, and in other cases when the parents were married.
It is you and your attorney’s job to prove to the court that you being granted visitation rights to your grandchildren is in the best interest of the children. Brothers and sisters have also been granted visitation rights to their siblings.

Can visitation be denied?

If a parent doesn’t do what the judge ordered them to do, like pay child support, the court could temporarily suspend visitation rights until the child support is paid.

If your spouse is denying you visitation rights, you can petition the court to enforce your rights to see your children. The parent who has custody of the children can’t deny court-ordered visitation, but they can petition the court to have the custody agreement changed.

If your spouse is denying you visitation do not stop paying your child support. That is a crime and you could be arrested and go to jail until you’ve paid the child support you owe.

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