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Georgia Absolute Divorce

In an absolute divorce, the law completely terminates the marriage. The marriage is officially over and everything is divided. Property claims are ended and debts are repaid. All property and assets are divided equitably between the couple as mandated by the court.

Children have been handed over according to custody ruling. Both spouses are now free to lead their own lives and are in no way obliged to each other. They are now legally free to indulge in sexual relations with other persons or remarriage without being charged with adultery. If they want to get back together again, they need to re marry each other.

Absolute divorce or divorce a vinculo matrimonii is final termination of a marriage. Division of property, agreeing to alimony payments and establishing custody and visitation rights are the ramifications associated with absolute divorce. The marriage is completely dissolved and should have valid grounds on which it was granted. This is the type of divorce that most people refer to when they talk about divorce in general. It is granted on grounds like infidelity and abandonment.

Grounds for Absolute Divorce

Most states in US, absolute divorce is granted on grounds such as adultery, two years of living separately, desertion for a period exceeding 12 months, voluntary separation of more than 12 months, insanity leading to confinement in mental institution, criminal conviction of minimum three years, etc.

Those couples who want to avoid the finality of an absolute divorce can opt for a limited divorce otherwise known as legal separation. Couples can get an idea of life without their spouse in these conditions. Limited divorce refers to couples who do not cohabit. They live separately but division of property etc do not occur here. These couples can get their marriage terminate through absolute divorce in future. This can be looked upon as a trial period wherein important decision pertaining to life and marriage can be taken.

Hire the Best Columbus GA Divorce Attorney

Couples who want to separate should meet and hire a good divorce attorney who would be able to offer them other choices so that they have a wider perspective while approaching divorce. They should be given all possible options that they can pursue in order to make the right decision with regard to their marriage. If children are involved, couples should really give divorce considerable thought since children are innocent victims of the same.

Absolute divorce is the final word on your marriage and life together with your spouse. Hence the decision is entirely yours and should be made with forethought and consideration.