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Infidelity and Divorce

Infidelity is one of the most common grounds for getting a divorce. But this infidelity or adultery has to be proved in court if the divorce is contested. Infidelity is believed to be the most common problem that leads to the break up of a marriage. It is believed that more than sixty percent of men and around forty percent of women participate in extra marital affairs during their married lives.

Experiencing infidelity is the most difficult thing in a marriage. The negative impact is so profound that leading a normal life becomes very difficult. Such couples are at a loss as to the action that has to be taken. First of all they can meet with a divorce attorney. He would be able to help them decide on the course of action to be taken. The divorce attorney on analysis of your case can give you various options that can be applicable in your particular situation.

You can go for a legal separation if you are not very sure of wanting to go separate ways. Legal separation would be granted if you feel that reconciliation is possible. There are many couples who first legally separate and once they are sure what they want, they either get divorced or get back together again. If you want you can remain legally separated too.

Alternately, you can opt to get divorced. This decision has to be taken after consultation with divorce lawyer and after discussion with spouse. Since this is a life changing decision give it considerable thought and weigh options carefully before making an informed decision. More so if the marriage involves children. The depth of betrayal and pain often leads couple to opt for divorce in cases where infidelity is the ground.

It is always better to be honest with yourself so that you know well what you are getting into as well as be honest with your children so that they do not blame you later in in life. You will most naturally feel resentment since you believe that your spouse has replaced you with someone else. Getting a divorce under the circumstances would not be very difficult. The not so easy part here would be to come to terms with regard to support and child custody.

For your sake and your children’s try to work out an agreement with your spouse regarding all matters since contesting them can become ugly and painful. Your divorce lawyer would certainly be there to support you through all your decisions, but make sure that you make them with his guidance since his experience in handling such cases makes him an expert to give apt advise.

Infidelity is the biggest enemy of a happy married life but if it occurs, not to worry, you have expert Georgia divorce attorneys to help you!