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The Family Law Judge and Your Divorce

Your divorce would be decided by the judge and he is definitely the most important person in your trial. He has power to award to custody of your children, dispose of your assets, decides who gets the marital home and what happens to your debts. The judge retains the power to send people who do not comply with court decisions to be sent to jail. The power and responsibility which a judge endorses makes him worthy of respect.

A couple who wants to get divorced, first of all need a good divorce attorney who is experienced as well as competent. Your divorce attorney would represent you legally and present your side of the story in court in a manner that would favor decisions and issues in a divorce to be decided towards you. The divorce attorney would brief you about the etiquettes to be followed in court as well as behavior towards the judge. Good behavior would be noticed by judge and might work wonders for your case.

The basic etiquettes include :

• Respect the judge and if you are asked any questions, it is customary to stand and answer, unless you are in the witness stand.
• Judge should not be interrupted while talking.
• Always direct your answers to the judge even if you are being questioned by your divorce or your spouse’s. The judge should hear your answers.
• Be courteous to the judge lest it be considered as contempt of court.
• Do not ever get into an argument with the judge.
• Do not make noise while your spouse is testifying.
• Dress conservatively since proper attire is a sign of respect shown to the court, judge and what he signifies.
• Allow the judge to like you, since he might decide in favor of a person he feels comfortable making a decision for.

Your divorce attorney is the best person to help you out with all the issues. Many of the divorce attorneys would give advice of sitting in other hearings to get familiar to the ways of the court so that no blatant mistakes are committed during your trial. Such visits, would help you get an idea of the court, its procedures and can do away with fear and unfamiliarity with the place. You would be more relaxed once you know how it all happens and might even prove to be a better witness.

Attending other hearings can give you an insight into the questioning techniques used in court by cross examiners and might even give you a lesson or two in being an alert witness and tackle tricky questions by the opposing party. Your divorce attorney also proceeds with his case observing the judge and with experience he would detect when judge has heard enough and ends the testimony.