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Ultimate Divorce Truth: The Final Ruling

Even before you realize what is happening, your trial would be over. The judge would be reading out the final decree and you would still be coming to terms with the fact that it is over. The truth is difficult to grasp at this moment. You cannot believe that your divorce case is over and the relief that you expected is yet to come. Many kinds of emotions would flow through you.

Most of the judges rule from the bench without any kind of hesitation. They request the winning party to take the order down, prepare it and submit to the other party for review. This has then to be signed by the judge. The attorneys can clarify their doubts with regard to any confusion or even can remind him about issues that have been omitted.

If it has been an extremely tedious and lengthy trial, the judge is also tired and would require some time for reflection prior to making the final ruling. Thus they do not rule at the conclusion of trial but set another date for the ruling. There is nothing to be apprehensive about it since it does not indicate anything negative or positive. Your divorce attorney has done his job and the judge needs time to go through documents and evidence presented prior to making final decision. The judge would make his decision soon enough and rule it in court. This is the final decree of divorce and after signing of this; your legal marriage is dissolved and you are no more married.

The final ruling of the judge decides your tomorrow. The judge very rarely awards everything to one spouse. Your assets are divided equitably and you cannot expect to get all the money. However much differences existed between you and your spouse, you still remain parents to your children. Thus do not expect that the judge would cut off a parent out of a child’s life even if he is a terrible person.

Your Columbus divorce attorney would advice you on what to expect in a divorce of a married life which was long and has family and money entwined for a very long period of time. Even if you are not in favor of the expected outcome, you must be prepared to face it. Your divorce attorney would help you in understanding and accepting these decisions as ruled in court. Your journey began when you asked your attorney to make decisions with regard to separation, custody and support which you and your spouse could not do together.

The uncertainty and unknown interpretation of case by judge would bring the entire process to completion. Hoping for success you attend the judgment day and live your future according to rules set by the court with regard to child custody, visitation, support etc.