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Your Divorce Case and Your Testimony

Cases are won and lost on credibility and this is the reason why you should always win a case on truth. Judges look at all aspects of a case in order to form an opinion and if you shade the truth in any way, sooner or later it would become apparent. Such revelations can cost you a favorable verdict.

Your divorce attorney would present the case for you and this is done through the many questions he would ask you in court under oath. The answers that you give are your part of the case and it is on the basis of this that the judge forms opinion on the case. Mostly, you would be briefed about the questions that would be asked and prompted on the right way to present the facts through your answers.

Your competent Columbus divorce attorney would know through his experience what a judge looks for in testimonies from spouses and would be able to suggest the facts that should be emphasized while answering and the ones that can be left alone lest it affects the case adversely.

There is no reason to testify facts that have no bearing directly or indirectly to the cause of the case and you need to concentrate on facts that can make an impression. This would help your divorce attorney in further strengthening your case with substantial evidence.

The entire episode of testimony should be done in a coherent and organized manner that it easy for the judge to follow. You are narrating the story of your marriage which has reached the threshold of divorce and hence does not have a happy ending. The judge needs to understand the pathos behind the situation through your honest testimonies.

While testifying in your divorce case your attorney would direct you with regard to method of answering, body language to be followed in court as well as the requirement for credibility quotient. Always providing short answers can uncomplicated matters and issues.