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Separation and Separation Agreements in Georgia

What is a legal separation?

In Georgia, the courts do not grant a legal separation formally, but the court does require that in order to be considered legally separated you and your spouse are no longer having sexual relations. You both must be prepared to swear to the court that you are living in a state of separation, even though you may be residing in the same property. Before signing any legal documents that will have a lasting effect, you should seek the advice of an experienced divorce lawyer in the Columbus GA area.

What is separate maintenance?

Separate maintenance is a lawsuit that may be filed on your behalf instead of a divorce. In this type of case, all of the issues normally decided in a divorce are still resolved, but the couple stays married.
Many people file separate maintenance cases for religious reasons, or if they have very specific legal needs, like needing health insurance. This type of lawsuit may take care of some complicated issues, but you and your spouse would not be divorced, and neither of you is free to remarry unless you file for and are granted a divorce by the court.

What do we have to do to work out an agreement?

The easiest way for you and your spouse to work out an agreement is to list all your property and money and decide how to divide it. Any agreement needs to be quite specific. The agreement should clearly state who gets what bank accounts, credit card accounts, any property, and the exact details of child custody, child support, and how any minor children are going to be raised.

Once the Settlement Agreement is reached, it should be written up in an orderly fashion, and both of you should sign it. The agreement can then be filed with the court along with the Complaint for Divorce.

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