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Courts Martial Defense Attorney

When a person in the military is accused of committing a crime, his or her case may be tried by court-martial.  A courts-martial is the legal process the military uses to prosecute criminal cases.  Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there are three types of courts-martial: general court-martial, special court-martial, and summary  court-martial.

General Court-Martial is convened to hear cases involving the most serious types of military crimes. The punishment at a general court-martial can include lengthy jail sentences, forfeiture of pay and allowances, reduction of pay grade, fines, reprimands, and can also result in a punitive discharge — bad conduct discharge or even a dishonorable discharge.  Involuntary discharges can result in the loss of pension and other veterans benefits and can stigmatize the Service Member in civilian life.

Special Court-Martial is convened to handle cases that are roughly equivalent to misdemeanor offenses in civilian courts.  The penalties at a special court-martial can include:  up to one year in confinement/jail, pay grade reductions, forfeiture of 2/3 of one month’s pay for up to 12 months, and a reprimand. A special court-martial can also result in a bad conduct discharge. It should be noted that officers cannot be tried by special court-martial.

Summary Court-Martial is the least severe form of court-martial and, in effect, is much like an Article 15 at the Field Grade level.  In actuality, a Summary Court-Martial is not considered a “real” court-martial.  Enlisted military personnel who face summary-court martial have typically been accused of committing more minor offenses, and cannot be punished with extreme penalties.  The purpose of a summary court-martial is to provide a streamlined process to resolve lighter offenses or less severe misconduct.  Service Members found guilty at a summary court-martial can be reduced in pay grade and, dependent upon their rank, be sentenced to  imprisonment/confinement for up to one month, or receive 45 days of hard labor without confinement.  A reprimand and forfeiture of 2/3 of one month’s pay for up to one month are also possible penalties.

Why Hire Military Attorney Scot Sikes?

Because courts-martial trials are governed by the rules and laws stated in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, courts-martial are conducted differently than criminal trials in civilian courts.  For this reason, it’s important that you hire an attorney who has a great deal of experience handling military cases, and who has a thorough understanding of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

U.S. military lawyer Scot Sikes has vast experience in the military justice system, and has represented clients at all levels of courts-martial.  As a former member of the United States Army, Attorney Sikes passionately believes that those who defend America deserve to have the best defense possible. Attorney Sikes is 100% committed to fighting your military criminal charges, and starts by investigating your offense and preparing a case that is sure to convince the judge, military panel (jury), prosecutors, commanders, and other military personnel that you are not guilty.

If you are in the military and facing a court-martial, your rights and future are at stake! There is too much riding on your case to allow your matters to be handled by a novice military lawyer or a civilian attorney who has handled a court-martial or two over the years.  Attorney Scot Sikes has the courtroom experience and legal skill to handle all types of crimes at all levels of courts-martial. U.S military attorney Scot Sikes can provide you with the aggressive and unrelenting defense you need to be successful in military court.

Contact the Law Offices of Scot Sikes today at (706) 494-6900 or Toll Free at (866) 494-6908! Attorney Scot Sikes handles all military criminal cases, regardless of the complexities or the odds working against you. Attorney Sikes represents members of all four branches of the United States Military, and provides his services to American military Servicemen and women throughout the world.