Failure to Treat Disease or Injury

Nursing homes are expected to provide around-the-clock nursing care to the residents. Failure around-the-clock nursing care to the residents or provide medical care or treat disease or injury is nursing home negligence.

Any act or failure to act perpetuated by a nursing home staff that does harm to a resident is considered nursing home malpractice. Nursing home negligence can result in the injury or death of a resident.

Nursing home malpractice also includes in adequate staffing, inexperienced or under-trained staff.

Under law, when the minimum standards governing the nursing home industry not met, the party responsible can be held responsible for any damages caused by the nursing home malpractice.

Nursing home abuse

A nursing home that does not provide medical care to its residents or treat the disease or injury of its residents can be liable for nursing home abuse. Nursing homes are licensed and heavily regulated under both federal and state law and are supposed to protect elderly residents from harm.

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