Malnutrition in Nursing Home Residents is a sign of nursing home abusecolumbusgalawyerscolumbusgalawyers596

Nursing homes owe a duty of care and responsibility towards their residents. Due their age and health, nursing home residents are often at risk of abuse. Failure to provide food amounts to nursing home abuse. The responsibility of the nursing home staff does not end when they give a plate of food to the residents. The food must be nutritious and must meet the dietary requirements of the resident. Some residents may require assistance when eating. Not providing the required assistance is also a form of abuse.

The signs of malnutrition in a nursing home resident include:

• Cracks around the mouth
• Pale lips
• Tooth loss
• Dentures no longer fit
• Hair falls out
• Wounds that do not heal
• Mental confusion not related to Alzheimer’s or dementia
• Bed sores and skin problems
• Sunken eyes

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