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Prescription errors are dangerous. In a nursing home, the prescription of the residents can be easily mixed and the residents may be given the wring prescription. Too much or too little of the prescribed medication can be dangerous. Withholding needed medications is a form of physical abuse. Nursing homes must monitor drug interactions and check a patient’s history for drug allergies. A victim of nursing home prescription errors – wrong prescription, or too much or too little of the right one – can file a lawsuit for negligence and abuse.

Reason for Prescription Errors

Nurse homes are like any other business. In an effort to maximize profits and cut costs, they reduce the total number of staff members and to cut the number of nurses and other trained professionals. When the nursing home staff is stretched too thin prescription errors can easily happen. Accidental prescription errors are more likely to occur when staff fatigue sets in. Sometimes, the staff may intentionally over medicate the residents to keep them quiet and compliant. Lack of experienced and trained staff can also cause prescription errors.

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