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When you buy a product, you don’t expect it to fail. If the product is a defective product, the product will fail and you will be taken by surprise. When you buy a product for use, you expect it to fit for a particular purpose and there is no fault the product that prevents its proper use and enjoyment. If you buy a product and suffer injury in the course of its proper use, you can claim compensation for the injuries suffered by filing a claim for product liability against the manufacturer and other parties along the chain of manufacture of the product.

A product is said to be faulty or defective if it causes some injury or damage to a person because of some defect in the product or its labeling or the way the product was used. There are three types of product defects – design defect, manufacturing defect, marketing defect. A design defect happens when the product is not safe for its intended use. The manufacturer fails to design the product so as to make it safe for its intended use. The manufacturer could have seen the foreseen the risk and the risk could have been avoided by changing the design of the product. Design defects are in a manner of speaking, intended. This type of defect is inherent in the design of the product. A manufacturing defect is a defect which happens during the manufacturing process. It is different from a design defect. The produce can fail or malfunction if there is a manufacturing defect despite being of a safe design. A manufacturing defect happens if the manufacturer uses inferior quality or wrong materials. Failure to exercise quality control is also a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects are defects that were not intended. The third reason for a product malfunction is a marketing defect. Marketing defect is the failure of the manufacturer to warn the use of danger or provide proper instructions for use of the product. Marketing defects are defects in the manner in which a product is sold. The manufacturer has the obligation to warn users of any danger from the use of the product and also provide proper instructions. The common element in all reasons for a faulty or defective product is negligence or failure to act on the part of the manufacturer of the product. The manufacturer, and others involved in the chain of commerce involving the products that caused the injury, are often liable for injuries caused.

Products that have caused injuries include:

• Defective work machines
• Conveyor belts without safeguards
• Defective scaffolding and ladders
• Machinery with dangerous nip points
• SUVs prone to rollover accidents
• Defective seat belts
• Poorly designed child safety restraints
• Defective air bags
• Unsafe space heaters
• Lawn tool equipment without safeguards

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