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When a person buys a product, he expects the product to be safe for the intended purpose. But if the product is dangerous or defective, the product can cause serious injuries to the user and others. The injuries can sometimes be fatal.

Dangerous or defective autos and auto parts can cause serious injuries including spinal injury, brain injury, broken bones, lacerations, burns, paralysis, other catastrophic injury and even death. The victim of an injury caused by a dangerous or defective auto or auto parts can claim compensation from the manufacturer and others involved in the chain of commerce. If the victim dies from the injury, the survivors of the victim can claim compensation for wrongful death.

Auto Defects

There can be many defective parts in a vehicle including:

Seat belts: A defective seat belt may fail or not perform as it should have in an accident. There could be a variety of defects which can make a seat belt fail including “inertial unlatching” where the seat belt becomes unlocked resulting in serious injuries to the passenger. Parts of the seat belt can also be defective. Sometimes the seat belt may fail to lock up in a crash if the mechanism that keeps seat belts at the correct tension is defective rendering the passenger unprotected and at risk for serious injuries or worse. Lap belts can cause injury including fatal internal injuries. A defective seat belt can result in serious abdominal, head, neck, shoulder, facial and leg injuries.

Air bags: Airbags can be a life saver in an accident but sometimes airbags can cause injuries including:

• Facial injuries
• Head injuries
• Traumatic brain injury
• Hand, finger, nose and forearm fractures
• Skin abrasions
• Bruising
• Eye damage and loss of vision, particularly for people wearing glasses
• Hearing damage
• Death

Airbags can cause injuries if they deploy too soon or fail to deploy. If an airbag deploys too soon or in minor collisions or fender benders, the result can be fatal. Sometimes airbags fails to deploy in a crash resulting in serious injuries including head injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries or even death.

Child car seats, booster seats and adult seats: Child car seats, booster seats and adult seats are meant to protect the occupant but a design or manufacturing defect can make them unsafe for use and can result injuries including cervical (neck) injury, decapitation, spinal damage and even death.

Tire Failure: Tires can fail for various reasons including defective truck tire sold by manufacturer and poor maintenance. Tire failures can result in tread separation and blowout, increasing the chances of careening suddenly into oncoming traffic or causing vehicle rollover accidents.

Vehicle accidents can also be caused by sudden acceleration, fire or electric shock hazards, faulty brakes and crumpling zones in the body of the vehicle.

Get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been involved in a an auto accident caused by a dangerous or defective auto or auto parts, you can claim compensation for medical expenses, including all future medical needs, lost wages and future earnings, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life due to permanent disability and wrongful death resulting from auto defects.

Don’t loose out on the compensation you deserve.

Even if the vehicle was recalled by the manufacturer because of a reported defect, you may be able to recover damages for the ensuing injuries in a crash.

A detailed investigation is necessary to identify the defect that caused the accident. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm if you have been involved in an accident. We purchase the wrecked auto and store it in a climate-controlled facility so our experts can examine and preserve the wreckage for important evidence.

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