Defective Toys are dangerous.columbusgalawyerscolumbusgalawyers332

Dangerous and defective toys are a symbol of corporate callousness, greed and disregard for public safety. Toys can be dangerous due to the following reasons:

1. It may contain lead which can cause serious permanent injury to children, including a decrease in intellectual development.
2. Toys with straps, cords or laces are a strangulation hazard as they can wrap around a child’s neck and cause strangulation. Stretchy cords are especially dangerous.
3. Toys with small parts or that can be easily be broken off pose a significant choking hazard.
4. Extremely loud toys can be dangerous for young child’s hearing.
5. Toys with improper labeling or insufficient warnings can be dangerous.
6. Toys with sharp edges, points and corners can cause severe cuts.
7. Toys made of flammable or explosive material are a burn hazard.

Time to take a stand

Companies are putting profits over the safety of children. It’s time for families to take a stand. The Georgia injury lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm have been fighting for the rights of families throughout Georgia whose children have been injured by all kinds of dangerous and defective toys.

When it comes to toys, manufacturers are expected to be extra careful as it involves children. Contact us for a No Risk No Obligation free initial consultation.Don’t loose out on the compensation you rightfully deserve for the damages your child and your family have suffered.