Defective Ladders Cause Dangerous Falls

Falls from ladders cause serious injuries and deaths at home and on the job.

The American Ladder Institute estimates that each year more than 500,000 people receive medical treatment due to ladder-related injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to fractures and brain injuries. Each year ladder injuries result in more than 300 deaths.

Ladder accidents can happen anywhere – at home, at work. Ladder accidents can involve the failure of a stepladder, fixed ladder, portable ladder, or an extension ladder.

Ladder Recall

The extension or “fly” section of “Louisville/Davidson” and “Michigan” Brand Fiberglass Extension Ladders posed a fall hazard as they failed to lock prompting the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a recall in February 2008.

Dangerous ladders

13 ladders were rated as unacceptable by a respected consumer product testing organization based on tests carried out in 2006. Defects in the Werner fiberglass extension ladder’s Shu-Lok ladder feet base resulted in injuries to some consumers.

Stricter manufacturing standard is the need of the hour. Until then the consumer will continue to be at risk.

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