Power Tools can Injure, Maim and even Kill

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that each year more than 400,000 injuries and nearly 200 deaths caused by power tool accidents. Most of these accidents are caused by power tool defects. Proper safety features with appropriate warnings could have prevented many of these accidents. Injuries caused by power tool defects include amputations, loss of sight or hearing, severe lacerations, burns, fractures and death.

The Georgia injury lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm specialize in helping power tool injury victims. From our offices in Columbus GA we have successfully got the deserving compensation for people injured by power tools including:

• Grinders, buffers, polishers
• Welding, soldering, cutting torches
• Drills
• Saws, including table saws, jig saws, band saws, circular saws
• Sanders
• Nail guns
• Rechargeable batteries used with power tools
• Leaf blowers
• Punch presses

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