Truck Tire Blowouts & Defective Tires

Tire blowouts and defects can cause truck accidents resulting in serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

Truck tires can fail for various reasons including:

• Defective truck tire sold by manufacturer
• Poor maintenance by trucking company
• Failure by driver to perform pre-trip inspection of the tire

A detailed investigation is necessary to identify tire blow out or defect as the cause of the truck accident and identify the party responsible. If you have been injured in a truck accident caused by a tire blow out or defect, contact the truck accident lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm . We have the expertise and skills required to get you the compensation you deserve. If required, we even reconstruct the accident to identify the cause of the accident. Depending on the party responsible, you may be eligible for compensation from the truck driver, trucking company, the tire manufacturer and even some government agency.

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