What is a Product Liability Claim

When you buy a product, you don’t expect it to fail. If the product is a defective product, the product will fail and you will be taken by surprise. When you buy a product for use, you expect it to be fit for a particular purpose and there is no defect in the product that prevents its proper use and enjoyment. If you buy a product and suffer injury in the course of its proper use, you can claim compensation for the injuries suffered by filing a claim for product liability against the manufacturer and other parties along the chain of manufacture of the product. A product is said to be defective if it causes some injury or damage to a person because of some defect in the product or its labeling or the way the product was used. The manufacturer, and others involved in the chain of commerce involving the products that caused the injury, are often liable for injuries caused.

In a product liability lawsuit, the first question a client asks us is how much is the case worth? The honest answer is: it depends.

Many factors influence the value of your product liability case. No attorney can put a dollar figure on your claim without getting all the facts. It takes time, skill and proper analysis to evaluate a product liability claim. Stay away from attorneys who put a dollar figure on your claim at the very first meeting.

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To succeed in a product liability case, you must prove three things:

1. Some one else is liable or at fault for your injury.
2. The negligence of the other person cause you harm.
3. The product cause your injuries because of a defect.

To determine the dollar value of your case, you must answer questions about:

• your injuries and the severity of the injuries
• present and future surgery requirements if any
• permanent scarring if any
• need for ongoing medical treatment and the likely cost
• the time lost from work due to the injury

In a product liability case, the Defendants’ insurance company may say that you caused the accident yourself by misusing the product.

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