Getting Victims of Work Machine Injuries the compensation they deserve

An employee injured at work can claim workers’ compensation benefits. But the benefits under workers’ compensation laws may not provide adequate compensation. A detailed investigation can identify other sources of compensation. For years the personal injury lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm have been getting victims of work machine injuries the compensation they deserve.

Unmatched Reputation

From our offices in Columbus, we represent victims of work machines injuries throughout Georgia. Accidents at work can result in disabling back injury or neck injury, broken bones and internal injury, catastrophic injury such as brain damage, paralysis or burns, and sometimes fatal injuries. We have an unmatched reputation in getting the victims the compensation they deserve. We investigate and identify all sources of compensation.

We have experience in dealing with different types of work-related accidents:

• Crushed hands and fingers or amputated arms caused by machine press and other machinery injury,
• Punctures, lost fingers, eye injury, nerve damage and deep lacerations caused by nail gun and other power tools.
• Forklift injury, crane accidents and other heavy equipment injuries
• Collapsed scaffolding or falls from ladder

Workers’ compensation

Employers in Georgia must carry insurance that covering an employee’s medical bills and replaces a portion of wages when a workplace accident or occupational injury prevents the employee from returning to work. The spouse or dependant children of an employee killed in an on-the-job accident are entitled to compensation.

Workers compensation program is an agreement between the employer and the employees wherein the employer agrees for the employee’s medical treatment, a portion of their weekly wages and certain other benefits. In exchange, injured workers give up the right to sue the employers. This may sound fair but workers compensation laws are tilted in favor of employers and their insurance companies.

An injured employee may be entitled to compensation from other sources. A detailed investigation is necessary to identify the other sources. We have the expertise and skill needed to get you the compensation you deserve. Besides workers compensation, you may be entitled to compensation for manufacturing or design defects. We will get you workers’ compensation and third-party damages, including:

• Medical expenses and lost wages
• Lost earning capacity for permanent disability
• Loss of quality of life for permanent injury
• Pain and suffering resulting from the accident

Contact us for a free initial consultation. You have nothing to loose. We will review your case and let you know the compensation you can get.