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Electrocution Injuries can happen anywhere

Every year hundreds of workers are killed by electrocution injuries and over thousands are injured. But electrocution injuries are not restricted to workers and work places alone. It can happen anywhere – at home, at work, on the road.

Electrocution injury claim involve complex legal issues. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience to get electrocution injury victims the compensation they deserve.

If the electrocution injury happens at the workplace, the employers, contractors, and subcontractors will be held liable. A worked injured by electrocution is entitled to compensation under workers compensation laws regardless of who was at fault. If an electrical equipment causes electrocution injury, the concept of product liability comes into play. A person can also suffer electrocution injury at anytime, anywhere even while walking on the road by coming in contact with a power line. In such cases, the utility company will be liable for negligence.

From our offices in Columbus, GA we have been representing electrocution injury victims all over Georgia. We have an unmatched reputation in getting electrocution injury victims the compensation they deserve.

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