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“He is just not the same”

Brain injury can result in personality change, mood swings, loss of memory, inability to concentrate and loss of sensation, including the senses of taste and smell. The victim can undergo complete change. A victim of traumatic brain injury (TBI) generally requires lifetime nursing care.

Head and Brain injury claim lawsuits involve complex legal issues. The personal injury lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm have the expertise and skill to get head and brain injury victims the compensation they deserve. From our offices in Columbus and Athens, we represent head and brain injury victims throughout Georgia.

Rebuilding Lives

The cost of medical treatment and care can be very high. But the cost should not deter the treatment. We are committed to helping head and brain injury victims and their families rebuild their lives. We have an unmatched reputation in getting head and brain injury victims the compensation they deserve.

The cost of caring for traumatic brain injury victim can quickly exhaust the limits of any one insurance policy. An accurate evaluation is necessary to determine the full cost of the victim’s loss. We can identify all sources of compensation and get you the compensation you deserve.

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