Car Crash and Truck Wreck are different. We have years of experience in dealing with both.

You can be injured in a car crash or a truck wreck and the injury may be just as painful in both cases. However the legal issues in a car crash are significantly different from a truck wreck.

Sources of compensation

A victim of a truck accident can claim compensation from more than one source in most cases – the trucking company, a truck leasing company, the driver, the truck maintenance shop, the warehouse that loaded the truck, the tire manufacturers and the makers of other components are all potentially liable for causing an accident that resulted in serious personal injury or wrongful death. In most car accidents the primary source of compensation is the other driver. is the primary source of financial compensation. In drunk driving cases, the victim can seek compensation from the party that served the driver alcohol prior to the accident. If the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, the victims insurance policy may have uninsured driver coverage.

Federal and State Regulations

These are Federal and State regulations that govern truck drivers, trucks and trucking companies. These regulations regulate everything from the number of hours a driver can stay behind the wheel to the proper type of reflective markings on a truck. There are prescribed number of hours truck driver must rest

Besides being liable for violation of Federal and Georgia regulations, the trucking company can also be liable if the accident was caused by:

-Commercial truck driver negligence resulting from poor practices in hiring, training and supervision

-Driver fatigue resulting from extended driving hours concealed by illegal logbooks

-Overweight and load issues

-Poor maintenance

Drunk truck drivers

Trucking companies and their insurance companies will go to great extents to deny your claim.

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