Truck Driver Error

Sometimes, truck driver errors are the cause of truck accidents. In fact, a commons factor is most semi truck accidents is truck driver error or negligence including:

• driving too fast for conditions
• driver fatigue and truck drivers actually falling asleep at the wheel
drunk driving
• driving under the influence of drugs
• driving in the wrong lane
• lane change without signaling
• forcing a vehicle off the shoulder
• running a red light or stop sign at an intersection
• backing up in a traffic lane
• inattention
• tailgating
• poor control and decision errors

Finding the cause of the accident is the key to winning the case

Sometimes, in a truck accident claim, only a through investigation can identify driver error or negligence as the cause of the accident. The truck accident lawyers at Columbus GA Law Firm have the expertise and skill necessary to victims of truck accidents the compensation they deserve.

Get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Besides the driver, the trucking company can also be liable for driver error or negligence if it fails to observe strict standards when hiring, training and supervising truck drivers. Insurance companies will go to great extents to deny your claim. You will need a specialized attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us. You may be eligible for compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and the pain and sufferings.

We have an unmatched reputation in getting the maximum compensation for injury victims. From our offices in Columbus, GA we represent semi truck accident victims throughout Georgia. Contact us for a free initial consultation. You have nothing to loose. We will review your case and let you know the compensation you can get.