SUVs can be dangerous

A vehicle can roll over and cause injuries. Of all vehicles, SUVs are more likely to roll over. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in the last two years more than 5,000 people have been killed in SUV rollovers. The majority of rollover injuries and fatalities occur to drivers and occupants of the SUV. The majority of injuries occur after the SUV leaves the road.

Why do SUVs Rollover?

SUVs are top heavy. Their wheel base is short (less than 100 inches) in proportion to their height. Sudden maneuvers or collisions can make them rollover. A rolling SUV can end up in the path of oncoming traffic endangering other motorists.

Design Defect

Sometimes, the roof of an SUV can collapse resulting in injuries and even death.
This is a major design defect.

A SUV rollover lawsuit involves complex legal issues. Sometimes, the rollover might have been caused by the defective design of the SUV. The GA accident attorneys at Columbus GA Law Firm have the expertise and skills required to investigate a SUV rollover and identify the cause of the rollover.

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