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Workers’ Compensation: Getting Injured Workers in Georgia the compensation they deserve.

If you have been injured while on the job, you are eligible for compensation under workers’ compensation laws. Your employer and insurance company may offer you compensation but you may be eligible to receive more. Employers and insurance companies have their own agenda. Don’t walk away from the compensation you deserve. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney.

We get you the compensation you deserve.

Our workers’ compensation attorney work to maximize an injured worker’s compensation. From our offices in Columbus Georgia, we represent injured workers all over Georgia.

Don’t let the employer and the insurance company pay you less compensation than what you rightfully deserve. Often the employer and the insurance company will claim that the injury did not occur at work or that the injury is not as serious as claimed by the injured worker. Sometimes, the employer and the insurance company may even accuse the employee of faking the injury. In our years of practice we have even come across cases where the insurance company told the injured employee that he could not select his own doctor for a second opinion. Employers have even gone to the extent of giving the impression that consulting a workers’ compensation lawyer could result in a denial of benefits.

We have an unmatched reputation in getting injured workers their rightful compensation.

We have represented workers suffering from workplace accident and job-related injury including:

• Construction accidents, including falls, back injury from heavy liftingscaffolding and ladder accidents
 Machinery, tool and equipment injury
 Slip and fall on wet surfaces
• Motor vehicle accidents in the course of your job
• Debilitating muscle strains and sprains
• Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome

Georgia Worker Compensation Laws

Employers in Georgia must carry insurance that covering an employee’s medical bills and replaces a portion of wages when a workplace accident or occupational injury prevents the employee from returning to work. The spouse or dependant children of an employee killed in an on-the-job accident are entitled to compensation. An employee injured by a defective product or failed safety mechanism may have a claim against the manufacturer and others involved in the chain of commerce.

Our attorneys specialize in Georgia workers’ compensations. Contact us for a free initial consultation. You have nothing to loose. We will review your case and let you know the compensation you can get.