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The construction industry has one of the highest worker injury rates in the country. The causes of most construction accidents are unsafe equipment, work methods or site conditions, not using the safety equipments, general disregard for safety and a lack of proper training. Construction sites are riddled with accidents and injuries, often fatal, caused from roof collapse, structural collapse, and cave-in. Another common construction accident is forklift accident.

Forklift accidents are caused by lack of proper training for forklift drivers and the amount of stress involved at the site. A wheel tractor scraper is one of the most common pieces of heavy equipment on many construction sites. Tractor rollovers can cause fatal accidents at construction sites. Scaffolding collapse is another major cause of construction accidents. Most scaffolding collapse accidents and injuries can be prevented by taking proper safety precautions

Other commons construction accidents include roof falls & collapse, crane accidents, elevator shaft falls, floor collapse, electrocution and accidents caused by unsafe tools, defective conveyor belts, dangerous hoists and heavy equipment. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that all safety precautions are taken at a construction site, including maintenance of the dangerous tools, vehicles, and equipment used at the site.

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All employees have the right to work in a safe environment. The employer is under an obligation to provide a work environment that is safe and protected from the occurrence of accidents. A safe workplace is created by adhering to safety standards and regulations as well as training employees to be proactive and responsible in reporting unsafe or harmful conditions. All employees should be provided with the appropriate uniforms, tools, and gear required for their position.

Construction accidents can result in very serious injuries, such as:

• Traumatic brain injuries caused by falling debris, dropped tools, and defective tools or machinery
Spinal cord injuries caused by scaffolding collapses, ladder falls and accidents involving heavy equipment such as forklifts
• Broken bones and internal injuries caused by falls from heights
• Severe burn injuries caused by chemical spills, explosions, electrical fires, and electrocution
• Loss of vision or hearing caused by accidents involving power tools
• Crush injuries that require amputation

Construction accidents can also result in wrongful death. In such cases, the survivors of the victim can recover wrongful death compensation from the liable parties.

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