“Scot’s knowledge on military law seems infinite, he could answer every one of my tedious questions and then reassure me either with the law itself, personal experience or fellow colleagues. His knowledge of Fort Benning and its policies and the way to approach an individual situation or one of a larger scale is beyond words. I was unable to contact Scot for several days at a time but when I could get back in contact he was not playing catch-up. He was on top of it already and was instead informing me of what he had done or was doing. Thanks to Scot’s experience, my case was processed faster than ever, I was treated fairer than any other soldier I had seen in the same situation and we got what we wanted.

I cannot thank Scot enough for what he has done, and there should be no doubt in your mind on choosing Scot Sikes as your lawyer.”

“Scot Sikes is a very unique attorney, a rare individual. What can we say about an attorney who spent 18 long hard months to successfully give our son his life back. First, his fees are very fair! Rare is that Scot always welcomed our input, his care for our family transcended all aspects of the attorney/client relationship, inherent in his professional approach is honesty, and he operates with open and immediate contact and responses to client concerns and questions. Scot’s approach is so personal and caring he called or emailed even when he was out of the country! Amazing to us, Scot never gave up on our son. If you are looking for an attorney who is intelligent, diligent, professional, compassionate, has great instincts, and will always go the extra mile for HIS clients Scot Sikes is the one you want for an advocate. If we ever need another attorney we would certainly call on Scot! If you need more of a personal recommendation Scot knows how to reach us!”